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A Signature Culinary Naturopathy Cuisine.

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Buying local, within 100 miles as much as we can, is only the first step in a sustainable cooking philosophy. There is a "new science" that can help us take advantage of the properties of natural ingredients, herbs, spices and grains to name a few. We do this through Old World cooking methods that simmered together can now enhance food nutrients rather than destroy them through culturing, slow cooking to new age methods using essential oils...

But there is more...

We are surrounded by an aura of wellness brought forth by the Adirondack Cure Cottage Days. Besides the natural health of the Adirondack mountain air and outdoor rejuvenation, cure cottage practioners were forerunners in understanding that food preparation and combining natural ingredients could enhance the body's wellness.

Take home a signature fusion that you will find no where else of Adirondack culinary wellness traditions inspired by Old World spice that have created our seasonal tastes.

It is all part of the natural essences that are drawn from the hands of four Adirondack generations that continue to hand-cut the stocks, stir the slow roasts and smile with the sweetness of homemade artisan desserts.

There is a growing excitement brewing for us.

There is now a science based on what our ancestors knew instinctively. By technically examining the properties of the elements found for example in herbs and spices, we can combine them in certain ways to bring out their medicinal qualities. Chef Cathy is examining this with great interest in her postgraduate work in what we call "culinary naturopathy." We flavor our locovore based cooking with this science by adding the appropriate mix of essential oils and natural essences to holistically spice our cuisine. It is all part of our goal to take the next steps beyond sustainability which we believe is necessary in order to re-balance ourselves and the world we live-in.

And we do not stop there.

If we are to truly succeed in our culinary philosophy, we need to stir the pot with you and our nature. To do so we provide "interpretive" culinary experiences where we explain, demonstrate or simply engage with you what you are experiencing. Our goal is that you can take some of these ideas or practices home with you and perhaps others will become interested in what was once natural and what can now be fused with 21st-century technology and science. We start this from a subtle basis of having available informative written information and recipes with your nightly menu while you have dinner. For those of you interested in more of an interactive and learning experience we are continually providing ongoing culinary demonstrations, classes and workshops both as part of your experience while you are with us or online. See our culinary calendar of events.

We also want to hear from you and your ideas and there is a culinary online forum where we can share recipes, stories and educational information.

And there is much more.

Our culinary philosophy does not stop with the ingredients in the food and the savory aromas that warm your soul as soon as you enter our doors. Generations of our family were active culinary participants in the days of the Adirondack great camp experience.

They helped to create it.

The Adirondack great camp culinary experience was more than just a dining room table. It was meant for you to breathe in and feel the great expanse of our mountains. The idea was to "roam the woods and the lakes with a glass of wine in hand."

It was not dinner but a Great Woods experience.

In the spirit of this tradition you begin the evening in our Fireside Rathskeller with the Adirondacks only hand crafted Wine and Beer Cellar where you can sample from over 250 specialty beers and 350 boutique wines.

In season meander to our outdoor wine and beer garden or to our 3 acre lakefront and immerse yourself in one of the worlds most spectacular mountain-lake sunsets. Stroll back to our 1886 hand hewn dining room and savor and interpretive dinner. Take in a horse-drawn sleigh ride on our lantern lit nature trails or take a morning paddle on the secluded shores of Lake Clear where Einstein relaxed.

It is all part of the spice and natural essences of holistic culinary experiences that are drawn from the hands of four generations that continue to hand-cut the stocks, stir the slow roasts and smile with the sweetness of homemade artisan desserts.

For 4 generations, the owner has been the chef. This generation is a post-graduate candidate in "culinary naturopathy" to achieve the next necessary ingredient beyond sustainability.

Order foods to pick up and enjoy at home or have dinner at The Lodge by in the unique Adirondack Alps Restaurant ; call for reservations 891-1489 or come to the Pub for an appetizer or light meal. Enjoy the outdoor beer garden, walk the trails or paddle a canoe.

Each week we may offer some selections that are vegan, dairy free or gluten free and we do not intentionally use soy products except for naturally fermented. Foods are artisanal and offerings and recipes may vary from week to week.

Do you have food sensitivities or questions on our food preparations?

Email or call Chef Cathy 891-1489

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